The Milky Cloud

I used to thought of -
I am a stone, I am tough.

However, the fact is that, I'm human.
I think of the Kinder Bueno,

I had 2 bars to restore energy to continue my revision.
I consume sweet snack to forget the bitterness.
Try to do the thing I like to forget the unhappy things.
I'm happy, I'm tough, I'm empty.
Left my brain empty is good.
I still remember what Mom said:
"Just take a break when you feel tired"
Ya, I'm super tired to do something I don't want.
Super super tired.
Just lie down to restore myself.
Get back to the one I'm suppose to be.

Song today


Old Man

There are 3 "old men" in my life.
First of all, Lao Ren

I'm sure all AV2 know who he is!
Sitting in front of my laptop and try to see my privacy!
Make me realize that how important of setting password in my computer.
Hmmm! Just make me feel unsafe!
Always blame us about the girl's trip...
Just because he cannot go, as well as spoil his Karaoke plan ><
Sorry old man, please wait till next semester only go.
I need to have a little practice on my voice.

Come with the second old man, Hon Leong.
Why I call him old man, it's just because he talk with me like old ppl advice young ppl.
Ask me, eat already, then come with "Bang Sai" already?
Owhhh~ A bit weird, but somehow it's just funny.
Then give me advice like my daddy talk with me.
How nice to have a little talk with him.
He just like friend, daddy and idol too.
Inspired me really a lots.
The way he showing up his efforts, his performance, etc.
But sometimes he a little bit childish too, it's just cute.
This is his brand personality. ;D

Last but not least, Jonathan.
Jon is just cute, naughty, crazy and old.
He act like old man when talking with me,
but become normal when talk with others colleagues!
Childish for sure! What Yellow Banana!
Now just left the skin!
How dare to ask me become his assistant, and try to order me do things for him.
Hohoho~ I am no longer the Red Tomato.
I am back to my study life :P
And I prefer Grape more than red one :)

The similarity of them are childish, crazy and make ppl speechless sometimes.
But it's seems like fun when you make joke with them.
Particularly the old man in my house.
We know each other since year 1 semester 1,
and till now he never pronounce my name correctly even once.

Tomorrow is our 1st and the one and only paper in this semester.
Gambateh to all of us :)

Congratz to my primary school friend, She just finish her oversea study.

Song today


Disorder and recall

Woke up in the early morning, need to redeem my ID from the office.
Can't find my spectacles (It's actually fall inside the gap!)
So just walk to university without wearing any lens and spec.
The view is just blur.
The executive is just nice and friendly.
Somehow, the ID can only redeem either during the exam day
or after went back from holiday.
I hate period, make my day go down!
I not feeling good today, I drink cold drink some more.
Talking about those nonsense things,

Today was his birthday, anyway..
Happy Birthday to you.
Wish you all the best.

Song for me today

The beginning is just good, how about the end?



Morning with FAT FREE yogurt

People always say, don't ever look back to the yesterday.
Somehow, I think that, 'Yesterday' can actually keeps in mind.
Not to look back the bad things, but the happy things.

Had a nice day hang out with my beloved ex-housemate yesterday.
I could find the true of myself with them.
Not to say that I pretending in front of my classmate,
but they are more understand inside me than them.
I could sing out loud with them,
but couldn't in front of my classmate.
We used to live in the same room, had crazy time, girl's talk and
the SOLO singing night ;D
All those memorable happy memories always stick in the mind.

After hunting at so called 'food carnival' (It's actually same as the night market in Kampar),
we had a little chat time at Each A Cup.
Bought a cheaper green milk tea with just RM2
and enjoying the food we bought at the food carnival over there.
I've told them about my dream,
they are give 100% support without any doubt on my ability.
Now I may think that, sometimes I need a friend who can talk with me
about the bad, the good, the funny, the sad, the crazy, and the serious stuff anytime and everywhere.
We keep what we say like a joke. Have fun with it.
And we told each other what we say is not appropriate.

Eiko just went back from Hong Kong Trip.
What I would say was "AMAZING"
She told us about the "dream comes true" DisneyLand castle,
the food, the merchandise, the tourist area, etc....
She even show us the video took in the DisneyLand.
I been feeling so excited, I want visit the DisneyLand too.
And before I leave, she gave me a bag of souvenir.

The Hong Kong's souvenir from EIKO

Wish Eiko and Zyan super good luck for today Exam and onward :)

Song today


Brittany S Pierce

I'm super addicted to her, the one who know dance and sing.
Super hot body with super sexy lips and expression.
Love those girl with sexy body shape and know dancing.
She is super cute in the GLEE.
Innocent and HOT. Angel face with Devil body shape.
I just so in love with her.
Rule model now onward.

Sharing the super cute photo
The kids of glee

Song today:

Tik Tok by Brittany S Pierce

The early sleep

I was thinking sleep early today.
Now have no any excuses to stay till late night.
Everything is done, the assignments, the trip or whatever.
So, I should get myself a healthy lifestyle onward.
Good night world.

Song today

Get GLEE from LC again~ wow...